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about us

We all want to live on a clean planet, don't we?

We are an international team of Clean Up Planet partners and like-minded people around the world.

Place of registration – London, UK.  The main production facilities and the experimental plant are in Eastern Europe.  Our partners also live in North America and Asia.

Each of the Clean Up Planet project team makes their contribution to the common cause of cleaning our common home from waste.  We are a team of scientists, engineers, IT specialists, inventors and mechanics and those who every day is not indifferent to how we will live tomorrow.

We are open to everyone whose aspirations coincide with ours.

our solution

A mobile autonomous waste recycling complex for recycling waste into green energy

Our complex is mobile. It can be installed on the deck of a ship or transported by land to places of waste accumulation.

Our complex is autonomous. Part of the energy material received from waste recycling is used to operate the complex.

Let’s close dumpsites – now we can recycle almost everything!

Many types of waste are not subject to traditional recycling and will pollute the planet forever. We have resolved the issue!

A complex has been developed that recycles domestic and industrial waste into energy material in the most environmentally friendly way.

The pyrolysis method used in our waste recycling complex is currently considered the safest for the environment.

We not only can recycle waste and clean our planet up but also produce the most demanded raw material — energy

Advantages of our Clean Up Planet waste recycling complex:


The autonomous waste recycling complex can be deployed directly in the places of accumulation of waste and transported to another place upon completion of processing of the contaminated site.


The waste recycling complex operates on self-generated energy.

Environmental friendliness

Thanks to the processing technology and the improved cleanup system, the emissions of harmful substances into the environment are the lowest among existing analogues.


Our autonomous waste recycling complex can be used to process more than 150 types of waste, many of which are currently not processed by anyone, but are simply buried.


Thanks to the unit (container) system, the power and configuration of the complex can be easily adjusted depending on specific tasks.


One does not have to create a special infrastructure (construction of foundations, supply of communications, additional waste treatment facilities…) for the complex to operate successfully, which means additional 40–50% of the cost of building a waste recycling complex. In our case, you pay for the equipment only.


The equipment of the waste recycling complex can be used both on land and on water.

Why we make our effort?

Why support our project?

Are you worried about the pollution of our planet?

Are you concerned about the amount of plastic in the World Ocean?

Do you feel sorry for animals, birds, and fish suffocating in the human-produced wastes?

Do you want to help to clean up our planet?

How you can help?

  • Share the information about our project with your friends and people you know.
  • Support us financially. This will help us to achieve our common goal more quickly.
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  • Don't delay in doing your part to save the planet, it may yet not be too late.

We all produce waste every day. If each of us can help implement the waste management project, together we will make this world a much better and cleaner place to live.

Clean Up Planet